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Fashion Photography

Ifyou want to sell your fashion products online, then come to us. We are the leading ecommerce fashion photography studio in Mumbai.

We have a number of experienced photographers and technicians, who will create new fashions trends out of your fashion garments.

A fashion photographer is responsible for the success of many models' portfolio.

This type of photography focuses on showcasing fashionable clothing and accessories in a way that complements them.

Fashion photography has evolved over time, with the utilization of exotic settings, narratives, and stylized photographic techniques enhancing the elegance of clothes, models, and accessories.

To be a successful fashion photographer, you usually need a team. Models, helpers, hair and makeup artists, wardrobe specialists, and general extra eyes and hands Think of high-end stylized fashion shoots when you think of fashion photography.

Being a successful fashion photographer necessitates the use of proper lighting, posture and facial expressions, as well as innovation.

Looking through fashion magazine and websites and seeing how fashion photographer attract attention to a specific topic or product to capture the viewer's attention is a fantastic place to start. In the fashion world, "boring" simply does not cut it.

What Is Fashion Photography?

How do I get Started in Fashion Photography?

Fashion photography is a genre of fine art photography committed to promoting fashion shoots items such as haute couture and mass-market apparel, shoes, perfume, and other branded products designed by fashion houses all over the world.

"Fashion photography," which is practiced by many of the world's best professional photographer, should be considered largely a form of visual art rather than an applied art because the fashion photographs made serve no practical use.

Furthermore, like mainstream TV advertising, 21st-century fashion pictures, fashion shows, fashion model are primarily concerned with promoting a brand (that is, a concept) rather than a tangible object.

"Fashion photography," whatever its specific meaning or aesthetics, is inextricably tied to modern art and popular culture.

It not only represents common attitudes, desires, and interests, but it also reflects women's perspectives on self-image, gender, and sexuality. "Fashion photography" is also intrinsically related to the media and advertising campaigns.

Originally created to meet the demands of Conde Nast and Hearst's women's fashion magazines, such as Vogue and Harper's Bazaar – and now supplemented by Elle, Cosmopolitan, Vanity Fair, W, Grazia, and Seventeen – it now has an immediate global influence because to the digital computer revolution and the Internet.

Despite the fact that New York overtook Paris as the Mecca of fashion photography in the 1940s, Paris and Milan remain vital creative hubs.

Simultaneously, towns in India and China's Far East will surely emerge as international fashion centers in the not-too-distant future.

What Is The Best Way To Get Started Photographing Fashion?

You would have seen the latest and most distinctive fashion photography trends. For photography aficionados and fashion photographers, this blog article will explore some of the most recent trends in fashion photography.

Trends and fashions are constantly changing. Residents of this Digital Age who are intelligent want to keep up with the current trends, whether it's in terms of dressing up, makeup, fashion shoot, or trends in their favorite activities.

People primarily subscribe to Internet and Cable TV services, such as Contour TV, to catch the necessary fashion and trend tips in order to stay up to speed with the latest trends and avoid falling behind.

Millennials, in particular, believe that if they don't check social media sites on a daily basis, they are losing out on something.

Fashion and trend guidance can be found on both television and the internet.

Photography has always been a hobby that I've loved. When it comes to getting the best of images, some people are extremely gifted. Others, on the other hand, take it up as a hobby and then train themselves by attending a variety of courses.

Before we begin, keep in mind that the following themes are only suggestions; success is determined by one's work ethic, self-confidence, and ability. It is stated that mastering a gift takes ten thousand hours, and that improvement comes only after practice.

Always keep in mind that the day you plant the seed is not the same as the day you harvest the fruit.

Whether your objective is to produce a fantastic Instagram feed or to have your images published, we've got you covered.

What Are The Types Of Fashion Photography?

Because there are so many various forms of fashion photography, it's easier to categories them. You might specialize in one or all of them as a fashion photographer.

Each type has a distinct scope, which will influence what you require and how you go about obtaining it. Some of the most common styles are listed here.

1. High Fashion Photography

Guide to Fashion Photography (+ 8 INSIDER Tips!)

The most well-known of all the commercial photographic genres that blur the lines between art and commercial photography is this one. Fashion photographers are well-known internationally and are usually featured in museum exhibitions.

In high fashion photography, you're not just selling or exhibiting the items; you're also selling or showcasing the creative vision and style of fashion enterprises.

Because this type of photography usually needs a massive production, you can let go of reality and let your imagination run wild.

Top models or well-known actors and actresses are typically among celebrities. The essential aim here is to highlight the ideas and skills of all the creative parties involved: the fashion designer, of course, but also the cosmetics and hairstylists – and, of course, you.

These shoots are generally high-budget projects in which the best quality is required at all costs.

These pictures are frequently printed for fine-art exhibitions or high-end books, which necessitate a high level of detail and resolution in order to preserve print quality.

2. Editorial Fashion Photography

Fashion Photography Guide – 30 High Fashion Photography Tips

Because of the styling and production required for the storytelling, editorial photography is sometimes confused with high fashion, but this type of photography is generally more relatable to the spectator.

Editorial photography is similar to lifestyle photography in that it is aspirational. The model is portraying a character and wearing clothing that you wouldn't necessarily wear every day but wishes you did.

Editorial fashion photography takes its name from the fact that it appears in fashion and photography books and magazines. Editorial shoots can tell a product or brand's story, tell a tale, or depict a contemporary trend.

The preparation for the shoot is crucial, and you may need to meet with the client to learn what they want you to convey through your images - this is known as a briefing.

Instead of being held in a studio, photoshoots are typically held on location, and the atmosphere can vary drastically from one to the next. You must ensure that they are appropriate for the story's mood.

If you're shooting at a studio, make sure it's well-equipped with props and that your lighting is up to par. The reason for this is that the configuration must always communicate a message, not because it must be extremely complex every time.

3. Street Fashion Photography

Fashion Photography Art

Street fashion photography, also known as street style photography, focuses on what individuals are wearing and how they are styling it in the real world.

Instagram and other social media platforms are where you'll find these photos. They're also included in fashion magazines, with articles on what's 'in' this season or 'how to wear x' instructions.

Street fashion photography began as a sub-genre of street photography in which people were taken in their regular lives with the goal of showcasing their personal style.

With time, the street style became more concentrated on documenting the fashion crowd's attire during key events such as fashion weeks.

As the subjects became more aware of the camera's presence, they began to dress up in order to grab the attention of the street style photographers, and the genre shifted from candid to staged.

If you're interested in shooting street fashion photography, consider whether you want to focus on natural, candid photographs of real people in the streets or more staged photoshoots that look to take place in ordinary life.

4. Catalog Fashion Photography

Catalog Fashion Photography

Catalog Fashion Photography Product photography includes fashion catalogue photography. Its goal is to display fashion items in a clear and appealing manner so that customers can obtain a sense of how they appear and fit before purchasing. The photo shoot is usually held in a studio with a neutral backdrop. In this manner, nothing will divert your attention away from the trend. For this style of photography, there are a variety of lighting configurations that are already popular. It doesn't mean you can't innovate or have your own style; it just means you have less creative leeway. To keep everything well lit and show the details and fabrics of the outfits, large soft boxes can be quite useful. Avoid wide-angled lenses as they might deform the body. A focal length of 50mm to 70mm should suffice.

5. Runway Fashion Photography

NYFW Runway Fashion Photographers for New York Fashion Week based in New  York City to photograph runway fashion models | Fashion, Runway fashion,  Fashion models

Because this is a fast-paced industry, you must be adaptable to whatever conditions you encounter. You must be able to think swiftly on your feet as well.

A quick lens is required to capture the movement of the models in low-light situations.

Because runway photography can include everything from ambient photos to full-length ensembles, three-quarter crops, and detailed shots of accessories, the focal length depends depend on what you're shooting.

Zoom lenses are preferred over primes because runway photographers frequently need to catch a mix of these.

Because of their small size and density, setting up a tripod in the press pits of fashion shows is notoriously difficult. A monopod is a viable alternative.

In either case, you'll need a technique keep your stuff stable — else, it'll fall apart.

6. Advertising Fashion Photography

20 Beautiful Fashion and Advertisement Photography

Clothing and accessories are treated as items in advertising fashion photography, just as they are in catalogue photography.

Fashion ad campaigns can include a single image or a series of images, and they can range from simple product shots to elaborate shootings with top models or celebrities.

How you approach advertising pictures will be determined by the client and how they want to portray their brand message.

How Much Does Fashion Photography Cost?

Hiring a photographer might cost anywhere between Rs. 5000 and Rs. 12500 per hour, depending on their degree of experience. A wedding photographer costs Rs. 50,000 to Rs. 1,50,000 for 6-hours and charges Rs. 7500 to Rs. 12500 per hour with a 2-hour minimum. A portrait photography shooting and print package might cost anywhere from Rs. 7500 to Rs. 15000+.

Some Fashion Photography Ideas

10 Fashion Photography Tips | Fashion Gone Rogue

Fashion photography is a fast-growing field with high standards and fierce competition. Each year, the number of photographers eager to make a living this way grows, so you'll need to show off unique skills, be remarkable and ambitious, know how to schedule your work, and have something that will set you apart from dozens of competitors.

5 Fashion Photography Tips That Never Go Out of Style - Digital Photo

Use a longer lens, such as 105mm or 85mm, to generate beauty shots. Longer telephoto lens lengths are good because they provide a lovely compression effect, blur the background, and focus emphasis on your subject.

Professional Photography Guide for Fashion Photography

This method is best used when you're not sure where to put the model. While this isn't always the case (as you'll see in the next advice), when in doubt, stick to what has been proved to work.

Know When to Place the Model in the Center

Breaking composition standards can result in some of the most incredible photographs. In this tip, you'll disregard the rule of thirds in favor of putting the model in the center. In fashion photography, this technique can occasionally work wonderfully!

Build a Breathtaking Environment

Photographs for catalogue fashion will be taken in front of a white screen or a plan set. This is done so that they appear professional in a catalogue. Photographs for commercials, on the other hand, should be taken in more exotic settings.

50 High Street Fashion Photography Tips and Ideas | Simple prom dress,  Fashion, Simple evening gown

Shooting many street fashion brands in only a few hours or, at best, one half of a day, no matter how accomplished a photographer is, can be a difficult task.

List Of Top Fashion Photographers In Mumbai

The Jigsaw Mumbai

The Jigsaw Mumbai is one of the top fashion photographers in Mumbai. Their team of outstanding fashion photographers makes them what they are today. The are also expert in shooting Ecommerce fashion photography and are currently working with several top notch ecommerce websites such as Amazon, Flipkart, Myntra and so on.

All their services are available at a very pocket friendly price. For more information visit their website.

Ashish Gurbani

Ashish Gurbani, a professional photographer, can add his touch to your one-of-a-kind photo shoot. His Instagram feed and profile serve as their own portfolio. It is capable of informing you of all of his outstanding achievements. In all of his endeavors, there is a lot of cultural work.

Jatin Kampani

There are so many names of fashion photographers that you can't possibly remember them all. One name that comes to mind is Jatin Kampani. Since 1996, he has worked in the sector. Many international and national honors can be found at his home. His portfolio can show you a little bit about his first love, photography.

Rohan Shrestha

How can we overlook Rohan Shrestha on a list of top fashion photographers? Rakesh Shrestha, a Nepali photographer, may be familiar to you. Rohan is the one who is carrying on the legacy and winning people's hearts. His sense of style and shooting abilities can elevate any photo shoot to new heights.

Tarun Vachhar

Since December 2011, Tarun Vachhar has made a reputation for himself in the fashion photography sector. Tarun's name is on everyone's lips when it comes to fashion photography, whether they are a child, a teenager, or an adult. His ability to modify the camera's viewpoint is incredible. The same may be said for his color picking abilities. Studio211 is the place to go if you want to meet one of Mumbai's most well-known fashion photographers.

A. Rrajani

A. Rrajani is regarded for delivering a well-presented portfolio. Bollywood shoots and fashion displays are his specialties. He also employs his photographic abilities in product photography.

Ram Bherwani

Ram Bherwani is a well-known celebrity and Bollywood photographer. His area of specialty is 3D wedding videos, and he is well-known in India for it. You can choose Ram Bherwani from the list if you wish to realize your goal of having a Bollywood-style shoot.

So that was all about the Ecommerce Fashion Photography in Mumbai. For more blogs like this, do visit out official website.