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Lifestyle photography intends to capture real life events of individuals in environments, genuine occasions, or points of reference in a masterful way and document life. The essential objective is to recount stories about individuals’ life or to motivate individuals in various times. In this manner, it covers multidisciplinary sorts of photography together.


What is Lifestyle Photography?

The aim of lifestyle photography is to tell a story through images. Lifestyle Photography can be termed as halfway between posed portrait photography and candid documentary photography. In lifestyle image shoots the day-to-day life activities are captured, but instead of waiting for some special day or a special moment to occur in lifestyle photography we plan a photographic session to naturally create or recreate those moments that we want to capture.

If you are one of those photographers who do not like staged portraits, then lifestyle photography is something which you can consider. One need to provide a context and bring out the most obvious frame out of it.

A lifestyle photographer is not just a representation or individual’s photographic artist and loves and appreciates it as craftsmanship in regular day to day life. Well, accepted and capable in photography that can likewise do well in other numerous other fields of photography without a moment’s dismay. For example, scene, road images, wedding, and even untamed life with one’s remarkable vision to move individuals’ life.

Some examples of Lifestyle Photography

It is very difficult to define great shots in this genre of photography. The sync between your eyes, brain and triggering camera with your model’s action can bring out great lifestyle images.

1. Try to capture an emotion

In lifestyle images, emotions play a very important role. Emotion brings life to photographs. A great lifestyle photo would be the one which captures some obvious emotion. Emotions can be happiness, boredom, love, chaos, serenity and so on. Without an emotional element the viewers would not be able to connect to the image and may not find it interesting.

People always tend to resonate with images. A lifestyle photograph should hold the power to let the viewers drive down memory lane and remind them of their real-life experiences.


2. Capture people doing something they are passionate about

If some loves to cook- capture a moment from the kitchen, if someone is passionate about dance- ask them to dance and capture some poses, if someone sings or plays guitar- they can gather in a circle for a jamming session. Even sports or any such activities can be captured.

3. Look for candid smiles

Lifestyle photographs are best suited with candid portraits. Try to avoid posing your models or arranging things in a very proper way. You need not to run behind perfections, because nothing is ideally perfect in real life.

When you are shooting for lifestyle photos if you ask your models to pose in natural way it may end up looking posed. So, it is better to go for the natural moments.

Instead focus on the subject and the actions. Capturing the photos when your subject least expects it, can give you some of the best candid.

4. Choose a location

Most of the time, individuals select in home lifestyle photography ession, as a result of its wherever they usually meet one another, move and show art of the everyday emotions. Still, you will be able to reach a far larger result with some families if you are taking a way of life shoot to their favourite restaurant, park, outlets that they prefer to visit, etc. In such places, you will be able to capture real events from their lives.

Places for a way of life session should be chosen by the purchasers. you will be able to build some suggestions and raise concerning their favourite pastimes however the ultimate alternative should be theirs. for instance, if a family goes to the beach each weekend, then this can be the right place to look at them pay their free time along and capture it on your camera.

The various types of Lifestyle Photography

1. Everyday Lifestyle Photography

As the name suggests, everyday lifestyle photography is all about the everyday activity of the life. It usually captures regular activities from our day like preparing food, arranging clothes and so on. It can also include pets and their actions like dog playing with bone or cat sleeping, etc.


2. Urban Lifestyle Photography

The urban area’s (city) lifestyle of people is captured in Urban Lifestyle Photography. People gossiping aside a shop, smoking in a corner, shopping and so on. In more simple terms, urban lifestyle photos can comprise of the city’s lifestyle, hustle, and bustle in a more artistic manner.


3.Outdoor Lifestyle Photography

The outdoor shots are captured in outdoor lifestyle. The photographs which draw the attention of the people outside and tend them to spend some time away from their home. For example, a picnic location, hiking, people sitting around bonfire and so on.

The aim of the outdoor lifestyle photography would be to build a storyline that would take you away to some place.

The three broad categories of Lifestyle Photography are already discussed above. However, there are other types of lifestyle Photography which are much in fame these days.


4. Family Lifestyle Photography

You do not always roam outside to shoot for a lifestyle scene. The family lifestyle photography is the type of lifestyle photoshoot which requires least extra equipment and lighting equipment as everything is already settled in a family lifestyle. All you need for family lifestyle shots are easily available in the house itself and the members in the house which is likely to be your subject are usually accustomed with their family lifestyle.


5. Candid Lifestyle

You try to capture life as it is in candid lifestyle photoshoots, but instead of anticipating fantastic, every day’s beautiful moments, you organise a photo session that will organically generate them. While photographing friends and family, candid images may capture genuine, important moments, making them considerably more appealing than a planned photo session.


6. Plandid

A planned candid photograph is known a plandid photography. Sometimes you may miss a moment, or you may think something is missing, then you can try out this trick, like a lady flaunting the flare of her dress, and so on.


Lifestyle Photography Tips

Here we have curate a few tips for Lifestyle Photographic session:

1. Set up a plan, ahead of time

Lifestyle photography can be a delicate balance between having a clear plan and having no set up at all. It is not a staged shoot, but you should get to know the family you will be photographing. What are their preferences and dislikes? What will a typical weekend day entail? Do they spend their afternoons at reception or at their local low-cost store? inquire about the children's personalities: are they quiet and reserved, or boisterous and outgoing?

Hopefully, their responses will provide you with some ideas for shooting locations. The more well-heeled your subjects are, the more natural your photo shoot will be. Again, it should be wished that their reality is captured on film!

2. Prepare the shooting location prior the shoot

Getting ready for a lifestyle photoshoot is very essential. Though Lifestyle photography may sound easy, but it takes a little effort.

You will be in multiple locations, or at the very least different areas of the house, for a lifestyle shoot, so you will almost certainly run into a variety of lighting scenarios. As a result, I recommend a lens that allows you to go wide or focus, such as a 24-70mm. If you have a second camera, bring it with you and use a 35mm lens for those quick, wide shots.

3. Be Authentic

You should remember not to overdo settings if you want to shoot lifestyle photography. There were few posed portraits, colourful props, and careful lighting setup. These elements work well in studio photo sessions, but not so well in lifestyle photography. Shoot the photo as if it were a part of your everyday life. It is critical that your lifestyle images are as natural and realistic as possible. Tell your clients to be as natural as possible and to relax as much as they can. During a lifestyle photography session, make everyone feel at ease.


4. Do not focus on poses

If you want to keep your images candid while giving them some direction, tell your subjects what they should try to do rather than a way to mate. Instead of telling them to pose for traditional family photos, ask them to raise their hand and show you their favourite game.

This will allow them to interact in a far more natural and relaxed manner, and they may even ignore the camera entirely. Allow situations to unfold naturally, but do not be afraid to start a new activity if the current one isn't working, or you need to try something new.

5. Send questionnaire to your clients to know them better

Communication is the key to success; it is a very old say and it is very much true for lifestyle images. You will be needed to communicate with your clients to know them better. To capture real emotions, you will be needed to gain the trust of your clients and make them feel a much comfortable as possible. The best way to know about their interests, hobbies, culture, etc is to send them a questionnaire, where they would be answering all such questions. Ask about their likings, leisure time, activities that the entire family can take part or places they would like to visit on weekends. Once you would know these answers, your job as a lifestyle photographer would get easier with them.

6. Make your models feel comfortable

Most people understand how difficult it is to be completely open in front of strangers, including an alien with a camera. It is your job as a lensman to make them feel at ease in your presence. There are many things you will (and should) do to realise this. Communicate with them more and more this would help you in knowing about your model’s life and make them feel comfortable too.

Start by talking about something they're passionate about to break the ice. If you've followed the steps correctly, this is likely something you will recognise from the look stage. This could be anything from having a voice conversation about the latest NBA trade rumours over low to sharing some fun dinosaur facts while the kids show you around their rooms. In any case, stick to light-hearted topics and let them do most of the talking.

7. Engage Children in activities

If children are involved in the photoshoot, consider their daily routines. If the children are hungry or tired, a beautiful setting during the photography golden hour is completely useless. Make sure they're having a good time and those important times of the day, such as meals and nap times, are respected.

8. Taking rest is not allowed, always be ready to capture

Taking rest can really be expensive in lifestyle photography just; like in wildlife photography, you may miss a perfect moment in a blink of an eye. Therefore, you should be always ready for capturing. Be camera Ready & keep your camera ready!

9. Try out different angles

You may get a good shot of your subject straight, but you never know what the other angles have for you. So, keep experimenting with angles.

10. Take multiple shots and in more than one location

Take pictures of whatever you find. Before capturing, do not think too hard. Lifestyle photography isn't something that can be meticulously planned. You must master the art of capturing everything and not missing a single detail.

Burst mode can be used for taking multiple shots continuously. Burst mode, also known as continuous shooting mode, sports mode, continuous mode, or burst shot, is a shooting mode in still cameras that allows many photographs to be taken in rapid succession by either pressing or holding down the shutter button.


Finally, do not make your customers bear the brunt of the scenes. Reminding them of the types of photos you want to take and how you will get them can help them feel more at ease in front of the camera.

Following this list will teach you how to direct a photoshoot without jeopardising the goal of way photography.

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