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Product Photography in Navi Mumbai

Product Photography in Navi Mumbai

Ecommerce Apparel Photography in Mumbai

Product photography is essential in the field of e-commerce business. At our ecommerce photography company, we provide a wide range of creative, professional, and quality product photography services to meet our customers' requirements and deliver them with ease. Our firm works with professional and certified photographers who are versed in their skills to capture the perfect shot for brands and clients. To provide absolute color correct and sharpness, we use high-end equipment. We have delivered our services to clients and customers and they are happy.

For product photography, we have our own in-house photo studio. We also shoot at other locations. We provide the best deals in town, and if you are confused about how to photograph your products, we also provide you with the best product photography solutions in Navi Mumbai. If you are still not sure, then, feel free to take a look at ecommerce websites and get a deep insight of product photography.

What is studio product photography?

Product photography services are a form of photography whose purpose is to provide the finest visual depiction of a product. Product photography that stands out uses a combination of technical elements such as lighting, backgrounds, complexity, and structural concerns.

The use of professional ecommerce photography aids buyers in making more informed purchasing decisions when comparing similar products from online stores. Consequently, professional-quality product photos are recommended for product vendors in order to compete in the market.

How much should I pay for product photography?

You might be wondering how much the cost of product photography is in India. Well, in this write up, we will also discuss it. The average charge for product photography ranges from INR 5000 to INR 13000 on an average. The cost mainly depends on the skill of the photographer and the duration of time required for providing the services. Charge can be levied on per image basis, product basis or project basis. They can even charge INR 50 to INR 1,05,000 as well, depending on skill and professionalism.

How to do product photography? And Some Product Photography Tips

1. Set up your background

white background

When it comes to post-production, it's easier to edit your images if you've chosen the correct background to picture against. When editing images, use or white background to eliminate distracting elements. This is essential in product photography.

2. Shooting table


If you're planning on doing a lot of photoshoots, you might want to invest in a table wherein you can put a white background. Put the chair back against a wall and hang the craft paper from the wall above it so that it falls down. Simple. When you place your goods on the chair, this will ensure a smooth transition between the vertical and horizontal planes.

3. Light tent

photography studio

Using a lightbox for photography is straightforward. To take a picture all you have to do is place your product inside the photographic lightbox, turn on the lights, and press the shutter button In order to get the best possible shot a lightbox can be used to eliminate distracting shadows or backdrops. A white paper can be used to cover both the bottom and the sides if you want to distribute the light evenly. Finally, add artificial lights on either side of the container, or use natural light from a nearby window if you're on a tight budget.

4. Set up your product

Ecommerce Photography

It's now or never for your product to take center stage. Setting up your goods may seem straightforward, but it can take a few tries to get the right angle to get the perfect photo. Take a picture of your product, making sure it's in the center of the backdrop and on a flat, solid surface such as a table or chair. Use a bust to better show off your jewelry and other accessories, and take some time adjusting the product to make sure it's perfectly placed before placing it on the bust. Set up your product in such a way so that it can be captured at different angles.

5. All about illumination

soft light

Lighting is one of the most critical aspects in product photography for getting excellent product photos. You'll thank yourself later in post-production for having fewer adjustments to make since proper light makes all the difference in a product image, even if it is laborious to adjust.

6. Natural lighting

natural lighting

For lower budget, the best option is to make use of the available light.

Natural lighting Shooting in the middle of the day when the sun is at its brightest can be great in product photography.

7. Artificial light tent

If you want to soften the shadows, you'll need to use at least two softbot light setups. On Amazon, clip-on light clamps and powerful bulbs may be purchased for as little as Rs.1500. To ensure a consistent aesthetic from session to shoot, document your setup and camera settings once you've got it dialed in perfectly. No matter how you arrange them, one should be your key light in front of your product and the other should be your fill light on the other side, rear, or above your product, depending on your preferences. It is up to you to determine where to place your studio lights once you have them. This can really help a lot with product photography.

8. Use a tripod

Product Photography Services

A high depth of field is what you'll need to get a clear picture of your goods. Your camera must be set at a low aperture and a slow shutter speed for this effect. Tripod can help you with that. It's a must for a product photography studio. Quality photos are important for a business when they showcase their products on websites.

9. Right camera and high quality photos

Even though it may seem obvious, the appropriate camera is critical to a good product shoot.

Naturally, you shouldn't feel obligated to spend a lot of money on a high-end DSLR camera if you have no plans to shoot regularly or if your budget is low.

10. Take multiple pictures and evaluate

It's time to put your product photography to the test, at long last!

Start snapping as soon as possible, and don't be afraid to take a few practice lifestyle shots to get the hang of things. See which shot works best by trying it from a variety of positions, distances, and perspectives.

Upload your great photos to your computer once you've shot as many as you like to see how they turned out, as the camera's little screen isn't going to offer you an adequate representation. Adobe Lightroom may be able to help you organize your photos and begin editing. Online selling websites in India feature multiple photos for promotional reasons

11. Retouch your pictures

Now it's time for post-production.

However, despite the fact that you may have previously taken a few photos that are satisfactory, retouching them is still an essential step. Ensure that all product images displayed on your website are of consistently high quality photos.

Allows for color correction and the elimination of undesirable items in the photographs

12. Optimize images

Post-production has started.

Even if you've already taken a few photos that you're satisfied with, retouching them is still an essential step in the process. As a result, your viewing images will go from being mediocre to being professional, and the images on your site will all have the same level of high-quality results.

It is possible to modify the color and remove unnecessary elements using retouching.

Once you've used photo editing software a few times, you'll be able to breeze through the post-production process in a matter of minutes. Exposure optimization is also important for getting good image

How to shoot 360 product photography?

product photographers

A 360-degree photo or video needs a few basic things. A camera is a bit difficult to shoot without that. A fixed focus lens is also a preferable option and of course a tripod.

You do not move your camera when making a 360-degree view of a product. This is done by mounting the camera on a tripod and rotating the product on the 360-degree turntable while the camera takes pictures.

While shooting 360-degree photos or videos, it is essential that your camera position does not change during the shoot, hence it is absolutely essential to use a tripod.

How to innovate in product photos?

1. Hang Products

professional product photographer

Hanging products to not get good tip visibility is nothing new. Creative hanging, however, is. Hanging the merchandise in an unexpected location can be a better idea. Wire or ropes that are still visible in the shot can be used to suspend it from the ceiling. Go seductive, ugly, or slapstick.

Even if the product is hanging, you may want to try photographing it from below or above. Shooting from different angles should be avoided as much as possible because it can distort a product.

3. Try Some Macro Shots

Most macro lens images will need to be used in conjunction with regular product photos. However, even if they aren't the most eye-catching photographs, they can still be a great complement to a series of images. Check your illumination to ensure that even the smallest of details are plainly visible. Below are some of the best macro images ever taken.

 image quality

4. Keep Your Background in Focus

Say what? An out-of-focus background, as far as I know, accomplishes this. For example, you may want to position a food product next to related goods to give it context. Maintaining a clean background and placing your products in the foreground helps increase conversions by conveying this message. It is up to you whether to arrange the product in the foreground or among other props. This gallery features product photos with clean backgrounds.

What do I need for product photography?

softer light

When it comes to great product photography, what kind of gear is required? A camera and lenses are all that is required. But if you want to enhance your results, you will need additional equipment. When it comes to any job, the correct tools are essential. Time and effort can be saved by using the correct tools.

Product Photography Checklist

Photographing the world around you can be a rewarding pastime or a lucrative career choice. Online and e-commerce salespeople can benefit greatly from the outcomes. There's no excuse for not doing everything in your power to ensure that you take excellent photographs. Here is a quick guide to get you started in the fascinating world of product photography.

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  • We really hope that you liked our article on product photography tips. You can become a good product photographer by using them, and in case you do not want to invest money in the equipment and also invest your time, you can always reach out to us. We are a company that does a lot of work in creative product photography, food photography, apparel photography, and jewelry photo shoots.

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